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Beaded Cuff

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Beaded Cuff Sleeves too long? Here’s a Sass a Craft original tip…


  • seed beads (or buttons if you prefer)
  • needle
  • thread
  • scissors
  • iron
  • marker

Whomever the shirt was purchased for should wear it during the fitting process for accuracy.

Fold the cuff upwards (the stitching should be visible). Make sure the hem rests slightly below the wrist bone.

*Mark the area where the edge of the cuff lies as a reference point.* 

Fold the edge of the cuff back down so that it meets the (first) hem. Mark with a pen if need be. The underside stitching should not be visible at this point.

Remove shirt from subject. Refold if need be, iron cuffs down.

Make sure that your needle is not too large to slide through your seed beads (they come in various sizes).

Have a pattern in mind (zig-zag, straight across, loops, etc). Make sure that you have enough beads to complete the pattern.

Thread your needle and go!

*Do not unfold the cuffs while beading. The whole point is to secure the cuffs in place with the beads.*

Have fun!

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Refurbished Faux Leather Kiddy Belt

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all done sassy belt
Materials used:
  • Faux Leather Belt
  • Seed Beads
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Complementary Thread
  • Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • Popsicle Stick
laid out belt for measuring tape 1. I laid the belt out in order to size it up with the double-sided tape.
2. Snipped the tape, set it aside for later.
Beads and String 3. Threaded needle, began beading the belt.
Since faux leather is pliable, I decided to trim the floral designs with thread.
4. Beaded belt half way…
still sassing
stopped to take a before and after shot…half and half shot
peekng tape 5.Peeled protective layer off the tape then, used the popsicle stick to smooth out the lumps as I affixed the front part of the belt to the back. 
All done.
finished project sassy belt
Nice and sassy, however, I may add larger beads to the “danglies.”
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