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I’ve Got the Blues…

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My computer has prompted me to make space on my C drive more than once. Soooo, here is the beginning of a myriad of photos from my crafty past.

Handmade Czech Bracelet

Handmade Czech Bracelet

Royal Blue Glove Set

Handmade Czech Bracelet & Stick Pin Set

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From Busted to Beaded

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Busted Shoe

Back in March I purchased a cute pair of shoes for my daughter. I was overcharged (35 SAR), but who cares – I am a rich American :) – (not). The Velcro came undone at the strap almost instantly the next day. I had two choices;

1. bask in grrr-ism

2. seize the opportunity to pull out my craft bag :)

Instead of simply sewing the Velcro back on the strap, I decided to add large Seed Beads to the equation as “dots” and “checks” go great together.

After finding a suitable needle and thread, I went to work.

Semi-beaded Busted Shoe

All done, however, my daughter refuses to wear these shoes. She fears the strap coming undone again. Oh well, I’ll give them to charity. I’m sure there is a little girl in Jeddah that would love to have them, In Shaa Allaah.

Beaded Shoe

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Earth Tones

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Handmade Stick Pins

Handmade Stick Pins

A side project of mine…Tabaarakallaah.

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Murano + Swarovski = Sassy

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Sassy Murano

Of all the beaded accessories that I’ve recently created, these numbers are my favorite thus far.  I hope to introduce an earring line soon In Shaa Allaah. Keep an eye out!

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Beaded Lamp

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Beaded Lamp

I decided to dress my lamp up with large-holed, Burnt Orange wooden beads.  Nothing over the top, but I love it.

The mere sight of my favorite earth tone is all that it takes to bring about quiescence – well that and a hot cup of tea.

I placed 9 beads onto the brim of the lamp (evenly spacing them 9 spokes apart). No glue, no strings attached.  And if I tire of this look, all I have to do is take them off. Easy, breezy, rice and peasy :)

I may weave something around the middle of the lamp to give it some flair.  Enjoy for now!

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Refurbished Faux Leather Kiddy Belt

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all done sassy belt
Materials used:
  • Faux Leather Belt
  • Seed Beads
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Complementary Thread
  • Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • Popsicle Stick
laid out belt for measuring tape 1. I laid the belt out in order to size it up with the double-sided tape.
2. Snipped the tape, set it aside for later.
Beads and String 3. Threaded needle, began beading the belt.
Since faux leather is pliable, I decided to trim the floral designs with thread.
4. Beaded belt half way…
still sassing
stopped to take a before and after shot…half and half shot
peekng tape 5.Peeled protective layer off the tape then, used the popsicle stick to smooth out the lumps as I affixed the front part of the belt to the back. 
All done.
finished project sassy belt
Nice and sassy, however, I may add larger beads to the “danglies.”
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