Towel Place Mat and Coasters – Quick &

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…Stumbled upon an awesome project via Quick & Simple .com I have an incomplete beaded place mat made of an old khaki skirt stored away. It was taking up way too much of my time. Cutting up some old towels seem like much more fun without the lag :)

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New Project…Maybe?

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Empty Candle Cups

Got my money’s worth with these candles. They’ve been sitting around for a while now due to “crafters block.”

After browsing the Internet, I found a pretty nice project to embark upon.

I don’t have any baby food jars, but I think my candle cups will do just fine (we’ll see In Shaa Allaah).  I’ll post some pictures upon completion.

Baby Food Jar Air Freshener

Baby Food Jar Air Freshener - Making - Idea by Angela of Portland, Oregon

Baby Food Jar Air Freshener - Idea by Angela of Portland, Oregon

You need:

  • Potpourri

  • Clean Baby Food Jar (no top needed)

  • 5″ Paper Doily

  • Rubber Band

  • Lace

  • Ribbon Rose

  • Low Temp Glue Gun


Fill jar with potpourri. Cover with a paper doily or tulle. Secure with rubber band. Tie a ribbon around the jar to hide the rubber band.  Hot glue ribbon rose to ribbon.

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I’ve Got the Blues…

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My computer has prompted me to make space on my C drive more than once. Soooo, here is the beginning of a myriad of photos from my crafty past.

Handmade Czech Bracelet

Handmade Czech Bracelet

Royal Blue Glove Set

Handmade Czech Bracelet & Stick Pin Set

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From Busted to Beaded

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Busted Shoe

Back in March I purchased a cute pair of shoes for my daughter. I was overcharged (35 SAR), but who cares – I am a rich American :) – (not). The Velcro came undone at the strap almost instantly the next day. I had two choices;

1. bask in grrr-ism

2. seize the opportunity to pull out my craft bag :)

Instead of simply sewing the Velcro back on the strap, I decided to add large Seed Beads to the equation as “dots” and “checks” go great together.

After finding a suitable needle and thread, I went to work.

Semi-beaded Busted Shoe

All done, however, my daughter refuses to wear these shoes. She fears the strap coming undone again. Oh well, I’ll give them to charity. I’m sure there is a little girl in Jeddah that would love to have them, In Shaa Allaah.

Beaded Shoe

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Edible Chocolate Body Scrub

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Who would have thought you could not only eat chocolate but you can use it as a body scrub? This amazing craft is yummy and helps out with your skin. It works best at the end of a hot bath.

Chocolate Body Scrub

Chocolate Body Scrub


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup cocoa nibs
  • 1/2 cup kosher salt
  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened
  • cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup jojoba oil
  • 1/2 cup sweet almond oil
  • 2 tablespoons vitamin E oil


  1. Use a food processor or blender to grind the oats into a powder.
  2. Add the cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, salt, almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil.
  3. Hit pulse a few times to blend.
  4. Store in a glass or plastic jar, and scoop out for use with a spoon or a seashell.
  5. Massage the scrub into skin, then rinse with warm water.

Source: Fave Crafts

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Hand-Beaded Curtain Bow

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Beading Supplies

Beading Supplies

Beading along...

Beading along...

Hand-beaded Bow

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Broken Mini Blind Rod: Key Chain Loop to the Rescue!

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Mini Blind Stick

Before the electrician could put up my new mini blinds, an ever curious child broke the metal piece which attaches the slat turning rod to the opener.

I eagerly searched for something sturdy enough to take its place. I couldn’t find anything, but I allowed the electrician to put them up anyway hence the dust in one of the photos. I know that I should have dusted before snapping the pics…oh well :)

Elated as can be, for sunlight is now a constant companion in my home, I began my search for a metal replacement.  I spotted a key chain lying around. The loop made perfect sense.

Key Chain Loop

I partially untwisted the finding so that it resembled a hook which would allow the slat turning rod to dangle.

Testing, testing...

I tested it to make sure that it was both long and thin enough. It was of perfect length and width.

A perfect fit!

I then connected the finding to the metal opener on the mini blind just as one would loop on a key.

Nice and snug...

I attached the rod, then, secured it by slightly turning back the tip of the finding with a pair of jewelry pliers.

All done. It was as easy as pie:)


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Coffee-stained Runner

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Coffee Stained Runner I laid a beige runner width-wise across my table hoping to tone down the brown, woodsy feel. It worked, but the table setting was as boring as watching paint dry.  I tried this knick knack, that lackluster knick knack…still nothing. Everyday there was something different sitting on the table (a refurbished item that I already owned – no shopping sprees here, smiles). Before I could satisfy my crafty whims, oops!…my cup of coffee spilled over and made its way to my runner which soaked it up like a sponge.

I laundered the runner, but it did not help much. I could kick myself for waiting till it was too late to remove the stain with a homemade, effective solution.

I had 2 glass vases on stand-by, swirly straw, a bunch o’ fake grass, faux bamboo stalks, pebbles, and some other stuff that I can hardly define.

After brainstorming and fiddling away in my craft bag….

I evenly rolled both ends of the runner up till they were about 6″ apart from each other. The runner now resembles a scroll. I divided the grass, swirly straw, faux bamboo and other things up between the two vases, placed one on the desk, and the other in the middle of the “scroll.”

Brown pebbles and glass knick knacks were strategically placed over the stains. Until I get that coffee stain out, this’ll do.

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Sassy Floor Vase – Camouflaging Cracks & Chips

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My floor vase has been knocked over twice, hence the terrible-looking glue job in the photo. It’s brim and “neck” look ragged and tattered – what an eyesore. I can’t paint over it. And I can’t find the missing pieces to somehow glue them back into the open crevices. I would probably end up gluing my fingers together anyway :)


Now, I openly deny being a “rat pack.” I just think that it is better to sass a functional item than to trash it. Refurbishing goods allows one’s creativity to flow and sets the mind at ease. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment and joy.


A Bunch O' Beads

A Bunch O' Beads


With tons of leftover beads and swirly straw, I settled on making a necklace for the vase’s “forelock” and using the straw to slightly draw attention away from the chipped brim.


It’s not perfect, but it’ll do for now.

Sassy Floor Vase

Sassy Floor Vase





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Sassy Chopsticks in a Vase

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I purchased some chopsticks many years ago via Ebay. The seller slyly passed them off as hair sticks in their listing. When my package arrived I realized that the ends did not have pointed tips and there was no way that one could place them in their hair without snagging and ripping through their mane.

“When given lemons, you make lemon juice” – or however the saying goes (ha).

I wanted to bead them then, sell them as potted plant decor, but I did not feel comfortable with that (future biz venture maybe). After collecting dust in a box for such a long time, I decided to place them in a vase along with some beads. It’s growing on me.


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Candle Bowl turned Paperweight

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Simple Paperweight


Now that's what I call getting one's money worth!


After burning this sweet-smelling candle down to the very end, I couldn’t bring myself to discard the bowl.


I scooped out the remaining wax, gave it a good scrubbing then, transformed it into a rock-filled paperweight.



Sassy Paperweight

The tray that it’s nestled upon was once a candle holder itself. I purchased it from the “2 – 200 Store.” Because it was so cheap (2 SAR) it began to rust and one edge started to buck (you get what you pay for).

I took the drawstring out of an old khaki skirt, snipped it down to size then, hot-glued it around the brim of the candle tray. That took care of the bucking and topping it off with my paperweight camouflaged the minor rusting.

I won’t keep it this way. I have a second tray that I plan to trim with the drawstring as well. They will become coasters  in the near future.






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Update: Sassy Centerpiece

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Sassy Centerpiece - The "before" shot.

Sassy Centerpiece The "before" shot.

I decided to move my sassy centerpiece from the table on over to the bookshelf. It did its job as a not so cliché focal point, however, it looked rather boring amongst my books. It yearned for something more.

A colorful bow? Maybe. Maybe not.

Flowers? Nah.

More Ikea thingies? Why not?

A Sassier Centerpiece

A Sassier Centerpiece

I decided to add my favorite color to the vase and there you have it, a sassier centerpiece!

I know that I said that I would stay away from this color in order to deflect an unintentional Thanksgiving theme gone wrong in my domain, but I can’t help it for it captivates me. And when I come home tired after running errands, it energizes me.  When I am stressing,  the mere sight of this hue puts me in a lull. I love earth tones.


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Beaded Lamp

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Beaded Lamp

I decided to dress my lamp up with large-holed, Burnt Orange wooden beads.  Nothing over the top, but I love it.

The mere sight of my favorite earth tone is all that it takes to bring about quiescence – well that and a hot cup of tea.

I placed 9 beads onto the brim of the lamp (evenly spacing them 9 spokes apart). No glue, no strings attached.  And if I tire of this look, all I have to do is take them off. Easy, breezy, rice and peasy :)

I may weave something around the middle of the lamp to give it some flair.  Enjoy for now!

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A not so cliche centerpiece

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Stalk-like thingies...

Stalk-like thingies...

Lime Green has become my favorite color for home decor (weird I know, that’s why I love it). Time for change was long overdue. Thanks to some awesome DIY photos by Better Homes & Gardens featuring this odd color, I thought, “why not?” My home was becoming too chocolaty anyway and the Brunt Orange accents (my old favorite color) screamed “reject” Thanks Giving – Martha Stewart style. I will not do away with Burnt Orange because I heart it so much, however, I will replace or accent some of the Chocolate Brown with Lime Green.

Lime Green, Brown and Burnt Orange…is she serious?


Let’s start with the table… I could purchase White flowers with bright Lime Green leaves and stems. Hmmmm, too cliché. I’m going for weird here.

I found some stalk-like thingies at IKEA and but they’re way too long. I want them anyway, so in the cart they go.

I had a hard time finding the right size floor vase for these things and on top of that, they did not look right no matter where I placed them. Okay, let’s think….what shall I do with these?

Got it!

Sassy Centerpiece

Sassy Centerpiece

A snip-a-roo here…and a snip-a-roo there….stuff them in a vase and there we go, a not so cliché centerpiece.


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A Candle in a Cup

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"Candle in a Cup"

"Candle in a Cup"

While tidying up my kitchen, I discovered quite a few tea light candles stashed away in a drawer. Hmmmm? What shall I do with these? As my eyes wandered around looking for something – anything– to refurbish, an old tea cup demanded my attention. Perfect. A candle in a cup coming right up!

I filled the bottom of the cup with over-priced pebbles from IKEA.

*Isn’t it funny how clever people can persuade others to purchase things like sticks and rocks? I think so… lol.*

Anyway, after tying a wired bow – that I made myself – around the cup, I placed my candle on top and voila, a candle in a cup.


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