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Flowered Pants

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Floral Fun

The little one is getting taller and taller everyday. Some of her pants have become “high-waters,” yet they still fit otherwise. It’s still hot out, so I decided to sass them into a pair of faux Culottes.

I’m not going to write out a long tut, however, this is what I did in a nutshell.

  • evenly snipped off  hems
  • folded them upwards/secured with hem tape/iron
  • hot glued flowers around hem
  • lightly pressed with iron

Her refurb’d duds matched perfectly with an old sun dress that has gotten too short. She now wears it as a shirt (ha ha ha). Cuteness.

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My daughter loves Nutella. Every now and again she’ll eat a “chocolate sandwhich,” but she perfers to take delight in it straight from the jar with a spoon.

Nutella Cup

I love Nutella as well – not for eating – but because the empty jars make great drinking cups. Two delights in one, yes! I may sass my cup up with some non-toxic paints, I’m itching to delve into the world of paiting.

Nutella comes in a variety of glass and plastic jars. Travel snacks are avaiable too. Since recycling isn’t a major concern for many here in Saudi Arabia, I opt for the glass jars. Hey, just doing my part.

In other news, looks like the world have gone Nutella crazy. There’s all sort of cake, pie and cookie recipes on-line, craft blogs galore and all sorts of candids. Some folks have “how to make your own Nutella” tuts out and others have gone as far as declaring a day in Feb. as World Nutella Day and deemed it “a way of life”. There’s a Face Book and Twitter following as well. Uh? A bit much don’t you think?

The original recipe was developed and released in 1949, registered by the Italian company Ferrero in 1963. Nutella is sold in over 75 countries.

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Towel Place Mat and Coasters – Quick &

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…Stumbled upon an awesome project via Quick & Simple .com I have an incomplete beaded place mat made of an old khaki skirt stored away. It was taking up way too much of my time. Cutting up some old towels seem like much more fun without the lag :)

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From Busted to Beaded

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Busted Shoe

Back in March I purchased a cute pair of shoes for my daughter. I was overcharged (35 SAR), but who cares – I am a rich American :) – (not). The Velcro came undone at the strap almost instantly the next day. I had two choices;

1. bask in grrr-ism

2. seize the opportunity to pull out my craft bag :)

Instead of simply sewing the Velcro back on the strap, I decided to add large Seed Beads to the equation as “dots” and “checks” go great together.

After finding a suitable needle and thread, I went to work.

Semi-beaded Busted Shoe

All done, however, my daughter refuses to wear these shoes. She fears the strap coming undone again. Oh well, I’ll give them to charity. I’m sure there is a little girl in Jeddah that would love to have them, In Shaa Allaah.

Beaded Shoe

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7 Creative Rods You Can Make

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DIY Curtain Rod - BH&G

Pretty in Pink

Better Homes & Gardens

Cut a doorknob set in half, push each knob into a plastic plug of a curtain rod you’ve wrapped with ribbon. You may need to carefully enlarge the plug openings with a drill. – BH&G

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Flowers in a Basket

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Waste Paper Basket full of Faux Flowers

Waste Paper Basket full of Faux Flowers

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Broken Mini Blind Rod: Key Chain Loop to the Rescue!

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Mini Blind Stick

Before the electrician could put up my new mini blinds, an ever curious child broke the metal piece which attaches the slat turning rod to the opener.

I eagerly searched for something sturdy enough to take its place. I couldn’t find anything, but I allowed the electrician to put them up anyway hence the dust in one of the photos. I know that I should have dusted before snapping the pics…oh well :)

Elated as can be, for sunlight is now a constant companion in my home, I began my search for a metal replacement.  I spotted a key chain lying around. The loop made perfect sense.

Key Chain Loop

I partially untwisted the finding so that it resembled a hook which would allow the slat turning rod to dangle.

Testing, testing...

I tested it to make sure that it was both long and thin enough. It was of perfect length and width.

A perfect fit!

I then connected the finding to the metal opener on the mini blind just as one would loop on a key.

Nice and snug...

I attached the rod, then, secured it by slightly turning back the tip of the finding with a pair of jewelry pliers.

All done. It was as easy as pie:)


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Sassy Floor Vase – Camouflaging Cracks & Chips

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My floor vase has been knocked over twice, hence the terrible-looking glue job in the photo. It’s brim and “neck” look ragged and tattered – what an eyesore. I can’t paint over it. And I can’t find the missing pieces to somehow glue them back into the open crevices. I would probably end up gluing my fingers together anyway :)


Now, I openly deny being a “rat pack.” I just think that it is better to sass a functional item than to trash it. Refurbishing goods allows one’s creativity to flow and sets the mind at ease. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment and joy.


A Bunch O' Beads

A Bunch O' Beads


With tons of leftover beads and swirly straw, I settled on making a necklace for the vase’s “forelock” and using the straw to slightly draw attention away from the chipped brim.


It’s not perfect, but it’ll do for now.

Sassy Floor Vase

Sassy Floor Vase





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Human Tooth Rings: Some People go too Far!

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I love unique things and am all about recycling, but some things you simply should not do. This is disgusting!

People that are in to things like this are always trying to come up with something “better” than what they’ve previously done. I hate to think of what’s coming next!

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Candle Bowl turned Paperweight

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Simple Paperweight


Now that's what I call getting one's money worth!


After burning this sweet-smelling candle down to the very end, I couldn’t bring myself to discard the bowl.


I scooped out the remaining wax, gave it a good scrubbing then, transformed it into a rock-filled paperweight.



Sassy Paperweight

The tray that it’s nestled upon was once a candle holder itself. I purchased it from the “2 – 200 Store.” Because it was so cheap (2 SAR) it began to rust and one edge started to buck (you get what you pay for).

I took the drawstring out of an old khaki skirt, snipped it down to size then, hot-glued it around the brim of the candle tray. That took care of the bucking and topping it off with my paperweight camouflaged the minor rusting.

I won’t keep it this way. I have a second tray that I plan to trim with the drawstring as well. They will become coasters  in the near future.






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A not so fishy fish bowl

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The water in this region of the world is a bit harsh and very salty. Unless you purchase a large tank with a pump, it’s a must to change the water every 2 days…you’re pushing it if you try for 3. After giving seven gold fish the royal flush, I was stuck with an empty bowl. I kept it due to my desire to purchase more fish, however, I’m planning to go home for a visit and am without a pet-sitter. Soooo…

Mustardy glass thingies...

Mustardy yellow glass thingies...

I decided to place some mustardy yellow glass thingies on the floor of the bowl and topped them off with some tea light candles. Placing the candles in the water without wetting the wickers was like playing a game of  “Operation.”




My lil project came out fairly pretty I think. The photo doesn’t do it any justice. Actually, it kinda resembles a pic of a  sonogram :)

Tea light candles in a fish bowl...

Tea light candles in a fish bowl...


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A Candle in a Cup

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"Candle in a Cup"

"Candle in a Cup"

While tidying up my kitchen, I discovered quite a few tea light candles stashed away in a drawer. Hmmmm? What shall I do with these? As my eyes wandered around looking for something – anything– to refurbish, an old tea cup demanded my attention. Perfect. A candle in a cup coming right up!

I filled the bottom of the cup with over-priced pebbles from IKEA.

*Isn’t it funny how clever people can persuade others to purchase things like sticks and rocks? I think so… lol.*

Anyway, after tying a wired bow – that I made myself – around the cup, I placed my candle on top and voila, a candle in a cup.


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Tin Can Faux Flower Pot

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Tin Can Faux Flower Pot

Tin Can Faux Flower Pot

  • tin can
  • faux flowers
  • hot glue gun and glue stick
  • glossy page from an old magazine
  • matching ribbon
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • beads and faux gem
  • mesh butterfly hair clip

1. Remove label from the empty tin can.

Empty can
Empty can
2. Wash thoroughly. Allow it to dry completely.
  • Be sure to remove glue/paper from the can where the label used to be for a smooth finish.

Magazine page

Magazine page

3. After choosing a page from an old magazine, size it up to the can. Mark how much is needed, then snip away.

  • Don’t worry if you happen to snip too much, the ribbon will cover the edges of the paper.
4. Use a glue stick to adhere the paper to the can.
  • Do not spread the glue over the whole page (or the paper will become lumpy).
  • Use the thickest, glossiest paper available.
  • Glue 1/4 of the page (only) starting at the ends. This will decrease your chances of having a lumpy outcome, especially at the front of the flower pot.

    Allow can to dry

    Waiting and waiting...

5. Allow the glue to dry.
While waiting…
6. Begin beading and bedazzling your butterfly. began beading butterfly
  • Pretest: If you’re going to use small seed beads, make sure your needle will fit through the holes without a problem.
  • If securing the thread with knots after beading proves difficult, simply dab a small amount of glue from the hot glue gun on the ends of the thread, then lightly press them on the back of the butterfly.
Old Butterfly Hairclip ~ Before Shot

Old Butterfly Hairclip ~ Before Shot

Old Butterfly Hairclip ~ After Shot

Old Butterfly Hairclip ~ After Shot

Faux gems from costume jewelry
Faux gems from old costume jewelry

*Use a hot glue gun to affix the gem to the center of the butterfly. A glue stick will not do the job in this case.

Back to the tin can…
  • Before gluing the ribbon on the brim of the can, fold it evenly in half (lengthwise) making sure both sides of the ribbon meet, then iron a crease down the middle. This will be your “guide” while gluing the ribbon on the can and will help you to achieve an even fit.

    Creased Ribbon

7. Begin gluing the inner side of the brim using your hot glue gun.
  • Gluing the inner side of the can gives you more leeway to cover possible mistakes.
     Inner side of can

    Inner side of can

  • Do not spread the glue all around the brim. Instead, glue the ribbon little by little. Press firmly to secure its proper place. What’s great about hot glue is that it gives you time to adjust your craft before it dries should you err.
  • Should you forget, or opt not to start at the back, cover flaws created by the ragged ribbon edges by placing the butterfly over it once the gluing is complete or decorate the can with short stemmed flowers instead of long ones (like mine) so that the petals grace the rim.
  • Cover the bottom rim of the can with ribbon if you please.
  • Allow it to dry.
Almost done…
8.Neatly arrange the faux flowers in the pot, the find an awesome place to display your new flower pot. Have fun.

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Beaded Cuff

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Beaded Cuff Sleeves too long? Here’s a Sass a Craft original tip…


  • seed beads (or buttons if you prefer)
  • needle
  • thread
  • scissors
  • iron
  • marker

Whomever the shirt was purchased for should wear it during the fitting process for accuracy.

Fold the cuff upwards (the stitching should be visible). Make sure the hem rests slightly below the wrist bone.

*Mark the area where the edge of the cuff lies as a reference point.* 

Fold the edge of the cuff back down so that it meets the (first) hem. Mark with a pen if need be. The underside stitching should not be visible at this point.

Remove shirt from subject. Refold if need be, iron cuffs down.

Make sure that your needle is not too large to slide through your seed beads (they come in various sizes).

Have a pattern in mind (zig-zag, straight across, loops, etc). Make sure that you have enough beads to complete the pattern.

Thread your needle and go!

*Do not unfold the cuffs while beading. The whole point is to secure the cuffs in place with the beads.*

Have fun!

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