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My daughter loves Nutella. Every now and again she’ll eat a “chocolate sandwhich,” but she perfers to take delight in it straight from the jar with a spoon.

Nutella Cup

I love Nutella as well – not for eating – but because the empty jars make great drinking cups. Two delights in one, yes! I may sass my cup up with some non-toxic paints, I’m itching to delve into the world of paiting.

Nutella comes in a variety of glass and plastic jars. Travel snacks are avaiable too. Since recycling isn’t a major concern for many here in Saudi Arabia, I opt for the glass jars. Hey, just doing my part.

In other news, looks like the world have gone Nutella crazy. There’s all sort of cake, pie and cookie recipes on-line, craft blogs galore and all sorts of candids. Some folks have “how to make your own Nutella” tuts out and others have gone as far as declaring a day in Feb. as World Nutella Day and deemed it “a way of life”. There’s a Face Book and Twitter following as well. Uh? A bit much don’t you think?

The original recipe was developed and released in 1949, registered by the Italian company Ferrero in 1963. Nutella is sold in over 75 countries.

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A not so cliche centerpiece

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Stalk-like thingies...

Stalk-like thingies...

Lime Green has become my favorite color for home decor (weird I know, that’s why I love it). Time for change was long overdue. Thanks to some awesome DIY photos by Better Homes & Gardens featuring this odd color, I thought, “why not?” My home was becoming too chocolaty anyway and the Brunt Orange accents (my old favorite color) screamed “reject” Thanks Giving – Martha Stewart style. I will not do away with Burnt Orange because I heart it so much, however, I will replace or accent some of the Chocolate Brown with Lime Green.

Lime Green, Brown and Burnt Orange…is she serious?


Let’s start with the table… I could purchase White flowers with bright Lime Green leaves and stems. Hmmmm, too cliché. I’m going for weird here.

I found some stalk-like thingies at IKEA and but they’re way too long. I want them anyway, so in the cart they go.

I had a hard time finding the right size floor vase for these things and on top of that, they did not look right no matter where I placed them. Okay, let’s think….what shall I do with these?

Got it!

Sassy Centerpiece

Sassy Centerpiece

A snip-a-roo here…and a snip-a-roo there….stuff them in a vase and there we go, a not so cliché centerpiece.


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A Candle in a Cup

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"Candle in a Cup"

"Candle in a Cup"

While tidying up my kitchen, I discovered quite a few tea light candles stashed away in a drawer. Hmmmm? What shall I do with these? As my eyes wandered around looking for something – anything– to refurbish, an old tea cup demanded my attention. Perfect. A candle in a cup coming right up!

I filled the bottom of the cup with over-priced pebbles from IKEA.

*Isn’t it funny how clever people can persuade others to purchase things like sticks and rocks? I think so… lol.*

Anyway, after tying a wired bow – that I made myself – around the cup, I placed my candle on top and voila, a candle in a cup.


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