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Sassy Floor Vase – Camouflaging Cracks & Chips

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My floor vase has been knocked over twice, hence the terrible-looking glue job in the photo. It’s brim and “neck” look ragged and tattered – what an eyesore. I can’t paint over it. And I can’t find the missing pieces to somehow glue them back into the open crevices. I would probably end up gluing my fingers together anyway :)


Now, I openly deny being a “rat pack.” I just think that it is better to sass a functional item than to trash it. Refurbishing goods allows one’s creativity to flow and sets the mind at ease. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment and joy.


A Bunch O' Beads

A Bunch O' Beads


With tons of leftover beads and swirly straw, I settled on making a necklace for the vase’s “forelock” and using the straw to slightly draw attention away from the chipped brim.


It’s not perfect, but it’ll do for now.

Sassy Floor Vase

Sassy Floor Vase





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Oops! Faux Grass Blunder

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My faux plants look withered despite the fact that they are fake. I tried placing them in the bathroom to add a splash of color but the frequent water spills only made matters worst. The plants definitely had to go, but the clay pots are keepers. They’re weighty, completely reusable and of my favorite color.

There’s some artificial grass and bamboo stalks packed away and now seems like a good time to put them to use. I cleaned out the pot, made a big mess of the styrofoam (my daughter loved that part), then, stuffed it full of faux grass and…well…see for yourself…

Faux Grass First Phase

Faux Grass First Phase

It resembles the head of those funny-looking but extremely famous troll dolls. I am not feeling this one. Back to the drawing board.

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Human Tooth Rings: Some People go too Far!

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I love unique things and am all about recycling, but some things you simply should not do. This is disgusting!

People that are in to things like this are always trying to come up with something “better” than what they’ve previously done. I hate to think of what’s coming next!

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Baby Bloopers: A “Cheesy” Gift for Mommy!

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My daughter loves to do nice things for me such as washing my cell phone so that it’s squeaky clean (rendering it useless…lol), a hug and kiss “just because,” or feeding me a snack with slobber all over it, yum! What a darling.


She came to me one day wearing a huge smile holding something behind her back. She told me that she loved me and handed me this wonderful gift! Awwww, sniffles.


Kids, gotta love them :)

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Sassy Chopsticks in a Vase

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I purchased some chopsticks many years ago via Ebay. The seller slyly passed them off as hair sticks in their listing. When my package arrived I realized that the ends did not have pointed tips and there was no way that one could place them in their hair without snagging and ripping through their mane.

“When given lemons, you make lemon juice” – or however the saying goes (ha).

I wanted to bead them then, sell them as potted plant decor, but I did not feel comfortable with that (future biz venture maybe). After collecting dust in a box for such a long time, I decided to place them in a vase along with some beads. It’s growing on me.


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Candle Bowl turned Paperweight

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Simple Paperweight


Now that's what I call getting one's money worth!


After burning this sweet-smelling candle down to the very end, I couldn’t bring myself to discard the bowl.


I scooped out the remaining wax, gave it a good scrubbing then, transformed it into a rock-filled paperweight.



Sassy Paperweight

The tray that it’s nestled upon was once a candle holder itself. I purchased it from the “2 – 200 Store.” Because it was so cheap (2 SAR) it began to rust and one edge started to buck (you get what you pay for).

I took the drawstring out of an old khaki skirt, snipped it down to size then, hot-glued it around the brim of the candle tray. That took care of the bucking and topping it off with my paperweight camouflaged the minor rusting.

I won’t keep it this way. I have a second tray that I plan to trim with the drawstring as well. They will become coasters  in the near future.






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Update: Sassy Centerpiece

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Sassy Centerpiece - The "before" shot.

Sassy Centerpiece The "before" shot.

I decided to move my sassy centerpiece from the table on over to the bookshelf. It did its job as a not so cliché focal point, however, it looked rather boring amongst my books. It yearned for something more.

A colorful bow? Maybe. Maybe not.

Flowers? Nah.

More Ikea thingies? Why not?

A Sassier Centerpiece

A Sassier Centerpiece

I decided to add my favorite color to the vase and there you have it, a sassier centerpiece!

I know that I said that I would stay away from this color in order to deflect an unintentional Thanksgiving theme gone wrong in my domain, but I can’t help it for it captivates me. And when I come home tired after running errands, it energizes me.  When I am stressing,  the mere sight of this hue puts me in a lull. I love earth tones.


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Beaded Lamp

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Beaded Lamp

I decided to dress my lamp up with large-holed, Burnt Orange wooden beads.  Nothing over the top, but I love it.

The mere sight of my favorite earth tone is all that it takes to bring about quiescence – well that and a hot cup of tea.

I placed 9 beads onto the brim of the lamp (evenly spacing them 9 spokes apart). No glue, no strings attached.  And if I tire of this look, all I have to do is take them off. Easy, breezy, rice and peasy :)

I may weave something around the middle of the lamp to give it some flair.  Enjoy for now!

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